Bridal Stylist | Inside my world

May 17, 2017


Welcome to a small insight into my life as a bridal stylist.

My name is Janelle Arreola and I’m a stylist here at Mon Amie! I started bridal styling in 2013 at Davids Bridal. In November of 2016, I started at Mon Amie and I couldn’t be happier. 

When I am working with a new bride I always want to know a little information about the wedding. I like to get a feel for the brides vision. I ask about where it’s at, themes, color schemes, ect. Once I can get a feel for the vibe of the wedding then I can get into what she’s looking for in a dress. 

I always make sure that I am listening intently to what she’s saying and asking as many descriptive questions as possible. It’s important that I understand what she means by “simple” or “very detailed”; those words mean different things to different brides! Using photos to help describe what a bride is looking for is always a go-to strategy.   

Being a small part of my brides wedding experience is such an honor and I am thankful for my job everyday. Planning a wedding is an exciting (yet stressful) time and I want to make sure that finding the perfect dress is a breeze. 

Another fun part of my job is getting photos from my brides weddings! Considering you want to start choosing your dress about 10-12 months before the wedding date, it is so exciting to see the final look put together on her big day! I love seeing the brides visions that they explained to me in my dressing room come to life. 

Being a bridal stylist means that I get to be a part of a memory that the bride will remember for the rest of her life. Choosing a wedding dress is something some girls dream about their whole life, and for some, it’s an experience they never thought they would enjoy until they walk into our salon. Each and every bride has a different outlook and experience and each one is equally rewarding and fun to work with.


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