The holidays are the start of many new engagements which means wedding plans are in the works! We’re going to be breaking down 2019’s hottest trends along with 2018 trends that should probably stay in the past…

Bright Colors: 2019 brides are straying away from the classic blush, and neutral tones. We are seeing brides navigate more towards brighter colors such as coral or Pantone (which was named color of the year). We are seeing that brides are still mixing in the neutrals but making sure that pop of color is in there, too.

Greenery will continue to be a huge trend with 2019 weddings! All white with greenery are also a popular statement at the moment.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Brides in 2019 are leaning more towards the non traditional bridesmaid gown. Some are even having them in totally different colors and styles! Blogger, Rocky Barnes has started this trend by having her girls in all different stunning gowns. I love this trend because it lets your bridesmaids wear what they love and feel comfortable in.

Vegan meal options: We are seeing more couples have vegan options on the menu. We love this and think it’s super important to make sure everyones dietary needs are covered. Tip: if you have a vegan option, this covers the vegetarians, too!

Intimate moments: In 2019 we predict more intimate moments between the bride and groom. We are seeing some couples say their personalized vows in private!

Trend to forget: Wedding favors… We know it’s important to make sure your guests feel loved but that doesn’t mean you have to stress about a gift for them. They are there to celebrate you! Have a after dinner popcorn bar and have to-go containers for guests to have a late night snack as their favor!


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