February 1, 2019


We are so excited to have Innocentia gowns at Mon Amie Bridal Salon!

Our team has honed the skills of fulfilling the most captivating dreams of charming ladies and now we are ready and happy to share these genuine masterpieces with you. We are going out of our way to keep up with the fresh perspectives appearing within the scope of the fashion world. On the other hand, we gladly celebrate the dainty elegance of your favourite classic designs, brightening them up with some unique glamorous adornments. Every collection by “Innocentia” is dreamt up and actualised thanks to the rigorous work of our top-notch colleagues, who know all the ropes of their craft and always come up with new stylish and sophisticated dresses. 

Quality and attention to details come to the fore in our profession. So, we raise the bar of manufacturing by selecting only the best fabric and materials that meet the highest standards of the world textile market. We take great pride in our reputation and do our best to maintain the goodwill, that’s why all the dresses undergo thorough quality checks to ensure that every item is produced in sync with the respective technique, outline frame and design


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