Mon Amie Bridal Salon is now offering alteration services for bridal gowns purchased outside of our salon!


Will I be able to bring in a dress for alterations that was not purchased at Mon Amie? 

Yes! As of 2/15/2019

Will I be able to bring in a dress that has already had previous alterations on it?

Unfortunately no, We still cannot alter, press or clean gowns that have already been touch by another party. 

Do I get a quote for alterations before I commit? 

Yes, just call Customer Service and ask for a “quote appt” it takes about 15 min and one of the seamstresses or managers will be able to give you a price for your alterations

How much do alterations cost?

$650-890 is a general estimate of basic alterations (your hem, bodice, shoulder). Any custom alteration you would require a “quote appointment”! 

Can you make custom changes to my gown?

Absolutely! Our seamstresses are very skilled and totally comfortable with any custom design you can dream and your gown will allow.

How much time do I need for Bridal Alterations?

Typically we would love 8 weeks between the first fitting appt and the day you wish to pick up your gown. However, we know life happens so we offer a Rush fitting for all the brides who need their gown quickly. The rush fee is 15% of whatever your alterations cost turns out to be. This charge is applied when the bride has 6 weeks or less between the first fitting and the pick up date. 

Please call (714)546-5700 to book an appointment


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