Guide to a daytime wedding

The major difference to having a daytime wedding as opposed to an evening wedding is time. You usually will have all morning / afternoon to get ready before the ceremony. With a daytime wedding things change a little bit… Let’s say your ceremony is at 12pm – You will leave for your ceremony around 11:45, putting the dress on around 11. Hair and Makeup takes about 2-3 hours, so you’re already starting your day 8am. If you’re a morning person, this is perfect for you! 

After your ceremony you can go straight into your meal as it could be a little early in the day for a cocktail hour (mimosas are a perfect substitute)! As far as the meal goes, having a full menu is the way to go. I personally think having afternoon tea as the meal would be so cute! After lunch you can go into dancing or any other activities you have planned. 

The world is your oyster after the wedding wraps around 4/5pm! You do not have to entertain guests after the wedding, but if people traveled from out of town it would be nice to give them some suggestions on fun things to do in your city! 

You and your husband can take the night to chill, hang with friends, or leave for your honeymoon!

If you’re wondering how formal a daytime wedding can be the answer is – as formal as you want it! I wouldn’t except anyone to be dressed in black tie, but you can still have a formal dress code.


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