Thank You Gifts For Your Girls

You’ve secured your venue, booked the photographer and picked out your florals. Now it’s time

to start thinking about the smaller details of your wedding, like what to give your bridesmaids to

thank them for being a part of your wedding. The options for thank you gifts are truly endless -here are some ideas to give you inspiration!

Before we start, it’s often questioned how much should be spent on wedding party gifts.

Remember, that this isn’t a requirement so don’t stress over it! However, it’s nice to show your

appreciation of your friend’s and family’s support while you were wedding planning. After all,

they take a lot of time and spend a lot of money to be in a wedding. Always set your budget first

and choose something that aligns with your price point!

1. Jewelry

Jewelry will always be a gift that’s appreciated by your bridesmaids! If you don’t need to give

them something to wear for your wedding day then browse these casual mantra bracelets. You

can choose from a variety of quotes or simple words to help inspire your friends every day!

Some of our favs are the “You’re My Person,” “You Are Enough,” and “Smile.” These will help

promote positivity and mindfulness in your friend’s lives. Who wouldn’t love that?!

2. DIY Wine Glasses

If you and your girls are a crafty group, then gift them cute chalkboard wine glasses. Simply

cover the base of a plain wine glass with chalkboard paint before your wedding. Gift these to

your bridesmaids with chalkboard paint pens and then everyone can decorate their wine glass!

Whether they choose a quote, your wedding date or even just their name; this will be a fun

activity to get the party started!

3. Sunnies

This is the perfect thank you gift to give your bridesmaids if you’re having a summer or

destination wedding. Give your friends the thoughtful gift of sunglasses that are cute and high-

quality! With such a variety of different styles to choose from, these sunnies will become

everyone’s new favorite pair.

4. Robes or Rompers

We love the idea of giving your bridesmaids something to get ready in! These outfits made for

the bridal party will offer you cute photos while you prepare for the ceremony. Plus, your girls

will have stylish pajamas or a comfy robe to lounge around at home in.

5. Pay for their bridesmaid dress

A very special way to thank your bride tribe for their hard work is to cover the cost of their

dresses! Everyone knows that buying a bridesmaid dress can sometimes be a pain, especially if

you only get to wear it once. Covering the cost will show how much you appreciate each person

being in your wedding.

No matter how you decide to thank the girls in your wedding party, with a gift like one of these or

a simple thank you note, don’t stress over this little detail of planning. Your friends and family do

so much from the moment you’re engaged to your wedding day but stick to your budget, choose

gifts they’re sure to love and give a verbal “thank you” to keep this process easy.