5 Wedding Planning Details You Don’t Want to Overlook

There are the typical wedding details that everyone knows are important, like the venue, the photographer, and the dress. But what about the details that not everyone thinks about until it might be too late? To avoid any wedding day regrets, pay close attention to these details you won’t want to let slip your mind. 

Undergarments and Accessories

Of course, you’ll have the wedding dress of your dreams picked out with plenty of time to spare, but you don’t want to forget about the details that go with the dress. With a gorgeous dress, you’ll need the bridal accessories that highlight your outfit in a way that makes you shine when you walk down the aisle. You don’t want to pick out the perfect dress and have everything else be plain and ordinary. Be sure to pick out some amazing shoes, a romantic veil, and beautiful jewelry. You also don’t want to neglect picking out the right undergarments to go with your dress. While any other day it wouldn’t matter much, what goes under your dress on your wedding day is just as important as your visible accessories. Once you have your dress or during a fitting, try it with different bras and shapewear to see what’s most comfortable and what looks best with the dress. 

Special Touches

The big things matter when it comes to wedding planning, but so do the little things. Looking back on your wedding pictures, you’ll appreciate the small details you went the extra mile on. Instead of just getting ready in whatever you woke up in, invest in a bridal robe to wear while you get your hair and makeup done. You’ll look that much more put together if your photographer and videographer are there to document the process. Also, consider buying special cake cutting knives to feature instead of just using something plastic from the grocery store. You’ll be glad you gave the extra effort on things that don’t seem to matter at first! 


While it’s a given that you and your partner will be receiving gifts all throughout your engagement and even after your nuptials, you don’t want to forget to give gifts back to the people who are helping you through it. You’ll want to buy a gift for your spouse to open on the morning of the wedding so that they have one more thing to cherish before you say your vows. Don’t forget to buy gifts for your wedding party and your flower girl and ring bearer to thank them for being a part of your wedding. Last but not least, make sure to purchase or make really special gifts for your parents and your in-laws to show them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their help putting your wedding day together. If you’re stuck on what to buy for everyone, check out this guide


Wedding signs aren’t just a super trendy and cute addition to your decor. Proper signage to alert guests of important information is essential for any wedding. You don’t want your guests to be confused when navigating around your wedding venue, so make sure to set up signs wherever needed. You can have a sign at the bar with drink options so your bartenders don’t have to repeat themselves, or a sign at the front entrance on when each event will be taking place. Whether you make them yourself or order them on Etsy, you won’t regret investing time and money into signs that will eliminate confusion for your loved ones. 

The Honeymoon

When you’re caught up in the planning details that will lead up to the day of your wedding, it can be easy to forget about the first big thing you’ll do as newlyweds: your honeymoon. Whether you want to leave for your big trip the night of your wedding, or you want to plan a honeymoon for a few months down the road, your honeymoon isn’t something you want to overlook. Check out Virgin Voyages’ fun and exciting cruises to celebrate as newlyweds. While some honeymoons might leave you wishing for more, you’ll never be bored on one of these cruises. You’ll always have options for things to do to relax and to enjoy the entertainment!


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