Groom Fashion: How To Dress for Summer Wedding

The weather is getting warmer and with peak wedding season approaching, it will be even more important for grooms to be conscious about how they’re dressing for their big day. While this may be one minuscule detail in the large puzzle of the biggest day of a groom’s life, it can have a huge impact on a man’s comfort throughout the ceremony.

For not only the most comfortable outfit but the most stylish, try out these four tips to prepare you for a summer memory of a lifetime.

1. Stick with light colors

If you’re preparing an outdoor wedding in the summer, it’s going to be important to work around the weather and location of the ceremony. It’s probable that temperatures will be hot, so selecting a smart tuxedo or suit option will be essential. To fight the sun’s rays, it’s best to go with suits light in color. Grey, tan, or even navy blue suits are fantastic alternatives to the normal black blazer you might wear. Light colors can even make a huge difference in keeping you from sweating. Experiment with what color looks best for you and also matches your wedding theme, and you will be sure to balance style and comfort.

2. Keep your face and grooming tidy

Before your wedding, it’s going to be important to befriend your barber and stay on top of your grooming habits. After all, the pictures that result from your wedding will be a forever reminder of your beauty from the day. With that in mind, think of the hairstyle you want for the wedding ahead of time, and schedule an appointment for a test run to ensure this is the look you want. The same goes for your facial hair. For all of you bearded grooms out there, be sure to be mindful of your timeline for shaving or trimming your hair. Finding the perfect shaving essentials ahead of time allows you to see how your hair and skin react to the shave. You’ll thank yourself for doing so when you’re not walking down the aisle with nicks and razor burn! 

3. Light tuxedo materials are best

Similarly to the light colors of your jacket, maximizing your comfort can come down to the material of your jacket and dress shirt. Try not to overdo your attire with a heavy blazer, and instead go with a linen button-up shirt. If you do decide to go the jacket route, choose something light that you’ll be able to remove easily if you get hot or that won’t overheat your body. For summertime though, sticking with linen tops and even cotton will allow your body to breathe and will take the pressure off.

4. Add some flair

Summertime weddings are often the most fun weddings because of the ability of grooms to personalize their style and accessorize. Starting with ties, neckties and bow ties are fun ways to switch up from the normal and even adding floral or crazy prints to them or dress shirts can make the function seem even more casual. Moving onto shoes, while black dress shoes are usually the best way to go, switching up the color or even wearing something more comfortable that will suit the outdoors, can add a bit of personality to your look.


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