Dress Decision Doubts? Don’t Panic, It’s Normal!

Let’s face it, getting married is a life event so choosing the perfect wedding gown can bring unwanted pressure and that pressure can easily carry over  from “Will I find the right one?”
to “Did I find the right one?”  If this is you, don’t panic, it’s normal!

As with any major life decision – choosing the right college, a move, career change, buying a house, to buying your wedding gown – doubt, undoubtedly, creeps in.  So, let’s break it down –

You’ve just said “Yes!” to the dress, cried tears of joy with your bridetribe, and signed on the dotted line. The next day (or maybe the next hour)your inner voice says “what have I done?!”, “Will I still love this in 6 months?”,” I don’t look good in the phone photos”,” my bridesmaids don’t like it”,  – or the scariest one – “I’ve found something else on Pinterest!”.

First of all, RELAX.  Remember how the dress made you FEEL.  You were in the sample, not YOUR gown and probably not the right size.  Phone photos will NOT be the ones you look back on for the rest of your life. Only YOU are walking down the aisle in your dress, no one else.   Once you’ve said “yes!”, get off social media as there will always be another designer creating another collection where there will likely be another dress that fits your vision, but THIS dress, YOUR DRESS, at this moment, made you FEEL something.  You felt more beautiful than you’ve ever felt, you saw yourself walking down the aisle towards your fiance, you felt like a BRIDE, it screamed “This is who I am!” .

If all else fails, call your stylist asap and ask to come back in and re-try the gown – alone is best. You are in the hands of a seasoned professional so it’s unlikely you were steered in the wrong direction, but if after trying it on you truly feel you made the wrong decision, discuss your options with the stylist.

Once you’ve made your dress decision, STOP LOOKING AND TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

Guest Writer: Tina McLean (STYLIST)


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