Traveling And Income: The Dream And The Myth

There are no shortage of new ads and promotions trying to spread the idea of easy passive income or ways you can make money abroad. These are so popular because generally the biggest obstacle for people rebelling more is income.

Generally, traveling means taking time off work and taking the hit with income. For long bouts of traveling, such as backpacking through Southeast Asia or enjoying long all inclusive vacation packages away, you may have to quit your job altogether.

But, despite what many of these ads tell you, a simple course is rarely enough to turn your life into a permanent paid vacation. This doesn’t mean you can’t generate income while traveling though.

There are some actionable ways you can make money while traveling and create a steady stream of income. This can help extend your travels and ease things financially when it finishes.

A fair warning though, these are not passive income techniques for the most part. You will have to work for the money. But, most of the options below should give you a relatively high income for your time. This means you can spend most of your time enjoying your travels and less of it working.

Who Said Traveling Is Only For Vacations? Actionable Techniques You Can Use To Make Money Abroad

Starting a travel blog (and selling on it)

This is realistically the closest a normal individual can get to achieving (somewhat) passive income while traveling. But, it will require a lot of work upfront.

Starting a travel blog is as easy as it sounds. Simply buy a domain name for a few dollars online, create a basic website, and start posting articles. These articles can be guides to traveling, about the best travel gadgets, or just reviews of where you’ve been. They can also include videos on a YouTube account to augment your content to really catch people’s eyes.

You can then progress it into a way of making money by selling products like travel gadgets, guides, or consultation services. The hard work will be in creating the content first and making it engaging enough to build up a loyal and sufficiently large audience. But, it can pay the most dividends and help turn your travels into a direct source of income.

Online freelancing

This is one of the most common forms of income while traveling. With freelance websites like and making it easier than ever to get work in areas that you’re skilled in.

Basically, you can Google online freelance jobs in your set skills or set up an account on one of the freelancer sites and check for job postings. While it may take you a while to break through into the online freelancer market, it can be an incredibly rewarding and liberating way of making money while traveling.

Hostel jobs

This option can vary from hostel to hostel, and from country to country. But, many hostels offer jobs to potential guests in exchange for rent free lodging. While this may not be a direct increase in income, it’s practically as valuable considering accommodation is usually your highest fixed cost on a trip. Additionally, some hostels even offer money on top of the free lodging.

This can cut into some of your travel time. But, it is a great way to get free accommodation and some income for a long stay in a certain destination.


This is the original form of freelancing, and still a great way to make an income while traveling. Craigslist regularly posts jobs that are usually unskilled and offer cash payments. This often makes it a favorite of students abroad, but can be suitable for anyone in need of money while on a trip.

The only downside to Craigslist jobs is that it is mainly used exclusively in the USA and Canada. But, most countries have an alternative site that operates in much the same way. So, have a look online for local odd jobs you can do while traveling.

If you have a trade like in plumbing, construction, beauty, or fitness, this can be a big advantage and increase the number of jobs you can pick up while on the go.


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