Does my dress make me feel like a bride?

Hello brides! I wanted to write a quick blog post talking about what it means if someone asks you “Do you feel like a bride?”… When it comes to choosing your wedding gown you will probably have a couple choices you can’t decide between. That is TOTALLY normal; no need to fret! You may be thinking how will you ever choose the right one?! This one question may solve all your problems. 

“Which gown makes you feel more like a bride?”

It’s a loaded question that will have you thinking differently about your favorite dress choices. I can promise you every favorite gown you have looks amazing on you but which ones really gives you the bridal feels? Your bridal gown is an expression of who you are and how you want to feel as a bride. 

Keep in mind that every bride is different and the feeling is totally circumstantial. You can be a bride in a white ballgown or a blue mini dress – you do you, girl!

If you are a future bride, ask yourself the question “Which dress makes me feel more like a bride?”. If you’re a past bride helping a friend find her dream gown pass the advice to her. 


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