Still looking for your dream gown? This blog post is perfect for you!

We are giving some advise to our brides out there searching for the perfect wedding gown!

Let’s get started!

1. Have a budget in mind for the dress, alterations, and accessories! 

2. Have an idea in mind about what you’re looking for in a wedding dress (but also have an open mind)! 

3. Don’t “overlook” at wedding gowns. There are 1000’s of gowns out there but only ONE for you! You have to end your search once you find the gown that you feel confident and beautiful in!

4. Trust your stylist. We are here to help and celebrate YOU! Our goal is for you to feel like the beautiful bride you are! We take pride in making your dreams come true.

5. Think with your heart and not with your mind. 

6. Don’t let everyone else’s opinions get in the way of what you truly want. Always remember thst it’s YOUR wedding and you can’t please everyone. 

7. Trust your instinct. If you keep coming back to one dress in particular, take that as a good sign and know that you might have found the perfect one! 

8. Come ready to celebrate! We are here for you to have an experience you’ll remember forever.  


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