Do you want to do something creative for your wedding to make it really stand out? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and not be the “typical” wedding you go to 4 times a year… We thought we would help you guys out with a few fun and fresh creative ideas to incorporate at your wedding!

A Mid Ceremony Toast

Start the party early by having a celebratory toast mid ceremony! It’s a great way to incorporate your guests into the ceremony.

If you don’t want to include every guest – do it with your bridal party!

The Last Dance

When the night is coming to an end and DJ calls last dance have everyone exit the floor for you and your husband to have one more intimate dance together – just the two of you! Have the crowd hold sparklers for an epic photo op!

Personalized cocktails

Hire a mixologist to curate a few cocktails that are named after you and your husband to be!

If you are local to SoCal – Contact our favorite mixologist on Instagram at @kurtisc92

Private Vows

This one is your you and your husband. Private vows are a new trend going around that we love! It gives you and your husband and intimate moment to focus on each other and not the 100’s of people starring at you… You can still say the traditional vows at the ceremony but the private meeting can be a moment shared just between you two.


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