Nautical Themed Wedding

August 26, 2019

Wedding Inspiration

Have you ever thought of having your ceremony on a boat? You will now… 

If you and your fiancé are looking for a more intimate ceremony space (and you love boats) this idea will be perfect for you. 

A ceremony on a boat will give you and your fiancé special alone time to really soak in the moment and be present, together. You could of course bring friends and family with (depending on the size of the boat)! 

The fun party still comes after – throw a reception right outside of the boat dock! It’s the perfect outdoor scenery to celebrate with your loved ones!

Tie the knot… Get it?! Adding rope into your decor is a classy and cute way to TIE in the nautical theme. 😉

Navy is a trending color in the wedding world. It’s also the perfect color to pair with your nautical theme! These two bridesmaid dresses are from Hayley Paige Occasions.


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