Bedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds

While other wedding guests gift the soon-to-be married couple bar accessories and kitchen appliances, you should think about stepping outside the box by giving them an unpredictable wedding present that’ll completely revamp their bedroom. Here’s a list of gift ideas the newlyweds will be excited to come back from their honeymoon for. 

Down Comforter

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they must ditch their 5-piece $50 budget bedding set for a high-quality comforter. Make the upgrade for them and buy the bride and groom a white down comforter, or a down-alternative like the Buffy Comforter, for example, which is made with eucalyptus fabric and an eco-friendly filling. White is a bright, welcoming color that both parties will love, and it makes a down comforter look just as luxurious as it feels!


If you’re close to the couple and you want to purchase a gift they’ll really appreciate for years to come, a good hybrid mattress is the way to go. Hybrid beds are extra supportive mattresses that contain both coils and various layers of foam. They’re more durable than all-foam beds and will accommodate almost any couple — which is especially great if the groom is a bigger guy. 

Sheet Set

It sounds a little random, but quality sheets are a great gift because most people never want to splurge on a nice set of sheets for themselves. You can get a set of affordable bamboo bed sheets on Amazon, which are nice because they’re softer and more breathable than regular cotton sheets. 


Gift the couple something comfortable to rest their heads on at night so they can get rid of the pillows they’ve likely had since the beginning of their relationship. There are a wide variety of pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond, like cooling ones if you live in a hot region or pillows designed to block allergens. It’s a unique gift almost nobody else will think of, and the couple will thank you for elevating their sleep routine. 

Hubby & Wifey Pillow Cases

While the happy couple is still in the honeymoon phase, get them pillow cases imprinted with the words “hubby” and “wifey” that not only look cute, but visually mark whose side of the bed is whose. They will also match the “hubby” and “wifey” coffee cups and wine glasses the newlyweds are guaranteed to receive as gifts from others.

McKenzie Dillon is a blogger and sleep enthusiast for The Slumber Yard, a reviews site that focuses on bedding products. In her free time, she likes attending music festivals, reading fiction novels and practicing yoga. 


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