Ever go back home?

Okay, so I don’t necessarily mean your home home. I mean back to one of the places that was really formative in your life.

It might be that freshman college classroom where you realized, hey, I’m actually really good at writing. Or that coffee shop where you worked every summer and complained about ‘that working life’ but were actually really proud every time you were handed that hard earned paycheck.

It might even be the desk at your first adulting job when you came up with an exciting idea, shared it, and people listened.

For me, that place is a bridal salon in Costa Mesa, California and it’s called Mon Amie Bridal. I worked there after graduating from fashion school and, let me tell you, that place lit a fire in me.

Every gown I saw inspired me and every bride I helped just made me more certain. I was meant to be a wedding gown designer.

Sure, it didn’t happen right away. But what dream does?

Life is a long, winding road and mine led me to a little ABC show called The Bachelor and then The Bachelorette. The whole time, though, I knew that the designs I had in my head would one day be dresses that brides would step into and head down the aisle in.

This past week, I went back to Mon Amie Bridal for a trunk show. As a designer. The gowns on the racks—those were my gowns. It was so mind-blowing to look around the salon that was so familiar to me and see my designs.

It was such a blessing to stand there and see the full circle. I just felt so thankful, from the very bottom of my heart.

I always remember where I came from, everywhere I go. That’s why I love meeting brides. It reminds me of why I design.

That being said…how about we hang out? You can tell me about your wedding, your dreams, whatever you want! I’ll show you my dresses and we can play a little dress up and maybe, just maybe, find the gown of your dreams!

Xo Des


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