Easy Ways to Make Your Fall Wedding a Stand-out Event

October 2, 2019

Wedding Inspiration

Now that summer is officially over, fall wedding season is about to be underway. Even though we all know of the typical fall colors, there are so many ways to include other colors to make your wedding the unique and bright event we all want to attend. Whether you’re planning a fall wedding for the future, are about to have your wedding in the next couple of months or are helping to plan your close friends and/or family’s wedding, here are some ways to make fall weddings the most colorful events possible! 

Have a Colorful Dress and/or Tuxedo
One of the first and most obvious places you can include more color into your wedding is through your attire. If you’ve always been more fashion forward, go bold with your choice of a colorful wedding dress. Whether you’re thinking of black, red, or a shade of pink, it can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like. The same can be applied to tuxedos. The groom and groomsmen can wear beige, light blue, burgundy suits or for the more subtle groomsmen, they can wear brightly colored ties or colored shoes for pops of color. 

Use the Pantone Color of the Year
Weddings are the perfect occasion to include the pantone color of the year. With the pantone color of 2019 being living coral, it’s the perfect color to help style your party and include into your wedding favors. Along with possibly adding living coral to your bouquet, boutonnieres and your floral arrangement centerpieces, you can also include shades of living coral within your table linens, place settings, or even into your wedding dress! No matter how you decide to include shades of living color within your wedding, it will be the perfect addition to your fall wedding palette. 

Rock a Non-traditional Hair Color 
In recent years, brides have been getting more and more edgy with their beauty choices. If you’re interested in really making a splash at your wedding, do something different and dye your hair a fun hair color for the big day. Whether you want shades of blue in your hair for your ‘something blue’ or you’re ready to go all out and dye your hair completely purple, dying your hair with a quality hair color product will take your bridal beauty look to the next level! 

Use Different Colored Chairs
As the reception will be one of the most colorful parts of your wedding, why not make it extra colorful by adding in different colored chairs? This will vary of course based on the type of chairs that you’re using for the event but if you’re planning on chairs with fabric such as velvet or chiffon, use the opportunity to add in different colors into each of your reception chairs. You can arrange them in an ombre fashion, have each table be a specific color or just mix and match for a more bohemian feel.

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