Working with an out of town bride

October 21, 2019

Couples Advice

Do you live in a different city / state than Mon Amie Bridal Salon? Don’t sweat it! We work with out of town brides everyday and I’m here to share with you how we make it simple and easy!

To see our #RealBride Kelsey check out our post all about her wedding here! She is a perfect example of a bride who lives out of state but wanted to get her dress from us at Mon Amie!

First things first – You need to visit us here in Costa Mesa! If you have a trip planned, or want to plan one specifically for dress shopping make sure you stop by our salon at 355 Bristol St, Costa Mesa CA 92626.

When you find your dream down with us here we will treat you as any other bride, we celebrate! Once champagne is poured and contracts are signed, we will give you a shipping form to fill out when your wedding dress comes in. In about 6 – 8 months, your gown will arrive in our store and we will ship it out to where ever you reside. (We do have alterations in our salon but you are not required to use them). In Kelseys case, we shipped her dress to her and she got it altered in Chicago!

If you have family out here or visit often, you can totally take a few trips back to our store and have our amazing alterations team take care of you.

We will be with you the entire way – if you have any questions please reach out to us at or leave a comment below!

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