Beach Themed Wedding

November 11, 2019

Wedding Inspiration

A beach themed wedding is perfect for anyone living in SoCal. Want to get a little further? Make it a destination wedding! Mexico, South of France, Bali, Hawaii? The possibilities are endless!

What is more dreamy than a reception on the beach? Let the ocean do the decorating for you! Pop in your wedding colors here and there for the perfect harmony.

I love the idea of using a canoe as a drink holder – It’s so unique and totally fits the beach theme.

Passing out programs? Make them into fans! If it’s hot during the ceremony your guests will love it – trust us!

Also make use of that ocean! Set up a tropical background (like one pictured) that also shows off the stunning view. Tip: Just make sure it’s set up for optimal natural light!

Theres so many ways to make a beach themed cake chic. Make subtle waves with different frosting techniques or go more literal and add some sea shells to the cake! We love these cakes that incorporate the colors of the ocean.

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