Personalized wedding gifts

November 15, 2019

Wedding Inspiration

As we know, almost every bride and groom is registered somewhere for wedding gifts. But, we also know that not everyone wants to stick to that registry. Some people want to give a more heartfelt gift that feels more personal – we totally get that!

We scoured the internet for our favorite personalized wedding gifts! Gifting anyone of these items is guarantee to put a smile on the bride + grooms face!

This personalized cutting board is a perfect addition to any newlyweds kitchen! You can find it here

Corn hole fans? This gift is right up your alley! Get the game personalized with the bride and groom’s wedding date + last name! Find it here

I love the idea of a personalized pillow because let’s be real, you can never have enough pillows! It’s something you see everyday and gives you a sweet reminder of your big day. You can find the pillows here

Twinkle in Time – The TwinkleInTime Star Map is a printed map of the stars and constellations based on a specific date and location. So what this means is that, if you were to go back or forward in time to that exact date and location, then look up at the night sky, this is what the stars would have looked like. HOW ROMANTIC!! You can find this here

We hope this gives you some gift inspiration for your next upcoming wedding! Don’t be afraid to go outside of the registry and give the bride and groom a gift to remember.

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