8 Suggestions for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

December 4, 2019

Couples Advice

Your wedding day is approaching and you and your loved one have decided to write your own wedding vows. That’s amazing but what if you’re stuck? You’re not sure how to put in words all of the emotions that you feel on this important day? This is an overwhelming task for sure, because you’re going to be telling your significant other how you feel about them, promising things and committing in front of your friends and families. Here’s some help getting started.

  1. 1. Don’t forget the “I love you”

You can’t forget to include the most basic part: “I love you.” If you spend too long on the flowery language and promises you might forget to include the most important thing – love. Take the opportunity to tell them how you’ll be there for them through good times and bad. Most wedding vows, whether traditional or personal, focus on how you’ll support each other through all the ups and downs. 

  1. 2. Get personal

Everyone gathered to witness your day, your friends, family, and your partner, want to hear some personal stories and funny moments that happened between the two of you. You shouldn’t hesitate to bring up some low moments just like the highs. People want to hear vows that are genuine and real, so express how you feel about the bumpy patches you’ve been through.

  1. 3. Promise and commit

Vows are much more than just sweet expressions of love in front of a group of people. They are essentially promises and commitments that you are making to your significant other in front of a lot of witnesses. Don’t worry about making your promises all very deep and meaningful and heavy, though, you can also add some humorous promises too, like waking up first to put the coffee on.

  1. 4. Use online tools

At some point, you need to finally put pen to paper. These are some useful tips for this time. You don’t want to wait till the last minute because then you’ll be rushing and you’ll start getting more nervous. To start, write your thoughts down in any kind of order as they come to you. Make notes of everything that you want to talk about, what you love about them, what you’re looking forward to about married life with them, and the promises you want to make to them.

Then, take all of these ideas and mold them into accurate and clear vows that makes sense to all the guests and your loved one. Here are some useful online tools to help you with this portion:

  1. 5. Stick to the essentials

You won’t be able to include everything you want to. Stick to what is most important and what resonates the most with you. Then, take some time off from writing your vows, do something different, and then come back to them and see how you feel about the words you wrote down. You can be as cheesy as you want as well if that’s your normal style and the words are truthful. 

  1. 6. Get inspired 

Helga Thule, a lifestyle writer at Revieweal and Student Writing Services, suggests that you “find inspiration in books, songs, lyrics, or movies that you or your partner likes. Use these favorite quotes as a place to start. Be straight and direct so you don’t struggle and get lost in your train of thought during the vows.”

  1. 7. Don’t forget to practice

Then, take some time to practice in private reading your vows out loud. Make sure it sounds perfect because you might notice spots when speaking out loud where you missed a word or the sentence is too long or doesn’t make sense. Be sure to indicate on the paper copy of your vows where you want to pause and what you want to put emphasis on. You don’t want to be speaking too fast so no one understands and it goes too quickly. 

  1. 8. Get feedback

Before the big day, ask a friend to listen and give you feedback. They can be constructive and help you improve your vows so you get what you want to across. Make sure they can keep a secret so your vows stay private until the big day.

Ellie Coverdale, a career and marketing blogger with the sites Elite Assignment Help and Ukwritings, spends her time researching trends in marketing and business development to improve businesses’ bottom line. She also writes lifestyle and wedding articles for Essayroo.

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