December 13, 2019

Wedding Tips

Sole Serum – this still is the holy grail when it comes to wearing heels for a long period of time! 

Oil blotting pads – perfect if you have oily skin! These will take the shine away without ruining your makeup. 

Mint gum – you know, for those moments after you ate garlic chicken… 

Non drowsy allergy medicine – If you’re getting married during a time when allergies are bad make sure you are stocked with meds! You don’t want to be sniffling up your vows. 

Mirror – to make sure you’re looking fly at all times.

Lipstick / gloss – make sure you keep the lip product you’re wearing close by for touch ups!

Static cling spray – this may be needed more than you think depending what time of year you’re getting married! 

Protein bars – you will probably find yourself not eating that day until dinner… Make sure to keep your energy and nutrition up. 

Crochet hook – for those tough buttons on the bridal gown!

Sewing kit – just in case!

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