Wedding Guest Etiquette​

January 16, 2020

Wedding Tips

Going to a wedding this summer? We got you covered. 

Here are a couple of rules to follow to be courteous to the bride & groom! 

Don’t take photos at the ceremony | Leave it to the professional hired photographer. You won’t want to get your flash mixed in with the photographers and wash out their photos and you also don’t want to be in every photo holding your phone up during the ceremony. Put the electronics down and enjoy the ceremony or at least ask the couple if they’re ok with it. 

Don’t wear white | This might sound like a no brainer, but you would be surprised… A lot of modern brides are wearing more champagnes and nudes than bright whites. Stick to the traditional rule and stay away from anything in the white, champagne, ivory, or blush color pallet.

Show up on time | Do I really need to explain this one? Don’t roll in after the ceremony has started. It’s disrespectful to the couple! 

Don’t bring an uninvited plus one | If you weren’t told you could bring someone to the wedding, don’t bring anyone. Don’t ask the bride or groom for the week of the wedding if you can bring somebody with you, they already accounted for everyone’s seat, food, and drinks. 

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