A Bride’s Tips for Calm and Relaxed Wedding Morning

January 29, 2020


According to statistics published by Sound Vision, 2.3 million couples get married every year in the US alone. This breaks down to nearly 6,200 wedding events happening every day.

Thus, it is safe to say by looking at these stats that every day, nearly 6000 brides go through the anxiety-ridden day of becoming a bride and finally living the day they have thought about pretty much all their lives up until it happens.

Although brides anticipate the much-awaited day, they usually end up not enjoying the day as much. It usually ends up being a chaotic mix of getting ready, getting dressed, and finalizing things until you find yourself walking towards the aisle. You can’t do anything except soak at the moment.

Therefore, in order to save our pretty brides from all the hassle of the wedding day, we have come up with six ways through which you can stay relaxed and enjoy your wedding morning thoroughly.

6 Ways to Stay Relaxed at the Morning of Your Wedding

Let’s see if anyone or all of these tips come in handy on your lovely wedding day!

  1. Call it a night earlier than usual

The early morning would be successful only if you manage to sleep on time a night before. Try going to bed earlier than usual. Even if it takes you longer to drift off to sleep, stay in bed. Try to relax your mind and calm your nerves. Anticipating the events of the next morning is natural, but try not to think about it for once and rest your head.

  1. Take out time to meditate

It may sound nearly impossible to do given the circumstances of your wedding day, but you may not be aware of how useful meditating can be. It can help you calm yourself down and enjoy every moment as it comes. Meditating would help you readjust your thoughts as well as settle your general vibes of the day, aligning them for what is yet to come. Therefore, try and take out some time for meditation before your day gets started.

  1. Have your necessary stuff organized

Keep your bridal survival kit ready and on the go. Try and manage the dates of when you receive all your bridal things, including dresses, shoes, and accessories. Then after you have collected them a day or two before, layout the dress appropriately, keep your shoes where they can be found easily, and organize the jewelry you are about to wear. Make sure all your stuff is in sight, so there is nothing you have to look for and waste time for the next morning.

  1. Don’t skip your meals and stay hydrated

One thing that the brides find themselves guilty of doing is eating less and less as the day of the event approaches. It is not only unhealthy but can induce temporary fatigue and a feeling of weakness on the main day. Therefore, make sure to take all the meals of your day no matter how much time they take. Try food dishes that are easy to carry with when on the go like skewers and sandwiches. So that your food intake is not compromised and your time is not wasted too. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink water as much as you can.

  1. Hire a day coordinator

The best solution to just sit back and relax is to hire a day coordinator. According to the Senior Event Coordinator at King Essay, “A coordinator is going to be your one-man errands handler.” You can sit prior to the events and plan out your wedding events and days accordingly. Discuss with your coordinator how you would like to schedule your day, how do you see your events taking place and about other things involved.

Some coordinators even provide event planning services, including decoration, catering, getting the dress for the bride, and even deciding themes according to it. So you can even see what ease of availability you can afford and then just layout instructions for your hired personnel.

  1. Let your friends take it for you

A friend in need is a friend indeed. It is true for most cases, and a wedding is one of them. Not only your friends are eager and supportive, but they are, most importantly, willing to have an input in your important day. Then why not let them do that. Your friends can not only help you decide your clothes and accessories but see to it that things follow a fixed schedule on the events day. They can even decide what dress code they will be following like flowy gowns for the bridesmaids and premium jackets for the groom’s best men.

Bottom Line – Don’t rush it

Last but not least, don’t rush your day. Going through such an important day in your life without making the most of it is not the right way to go about your wedding. Instead, try to take everything for the present and current fleeting moment. Take in everything and accept the little hurdles here and there. That’s after all, just a part of your very eventful day. And it will add up to some great memories when you look back after to laugh upon.

Author Bio: Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as an Event Planner at Crowd Writer, an excellent platform to get cheap dissertation writing services. She enjoys organizing events for her friends and family in her personal life. You can take her professional advice in this regard through her blogs at Australian Master.

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