How to know if it’s the one!

February 12, 2020

Mon Amie Bride

Finding your wedding dress can be complicated. There’s a lot of factors that go into actually saying “yes” to the dress. How do you know when you actually found the one? I am going to give you some advice to consider when it comes to committing to the gown of your dreams. 

You have to be ready to say YES to the dress. What do I mean by that? Well, you very well may find your perfect wedding dress at your first appointment but you’re hesitating because it’s the first time you’ve ever looked for gowns. Take into consideration that there will always be more dresses out there; designers are coming up with new collections right now to debut for future brides. Do you feel like you NEED to see those? Do you feel like you need to look at more dresses? If so, regardless if you have already found your dress – you’re not ready to say yes. 

The goal when wedding gown shopping is the find your wedding dress; so go into every appointment with the mindset that you will find your dream gown. Your decision will most definitely become easier. 

Never feel pressured to make a decision. When you find your dream wedding dress you will know. You will feel beautiful, you won’t want to look for more, and most importantly you will feel like a bride. If you are not getting the feels about your gown it probably isn’t the one and you shouldn’t feel pressured to purchase it (even if all of your family and friends love it). 

Cherish your moment. Finding your wedding dress is a once in a lifetime event; cherish the moment you’re in and listen to your heart. We know that sounds cheesy… But if you’re heart is telling you YES this is the dress, listen to it, soak up the moment, and celebrate with your friends, family, and stylist. 

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