The Science Behind an Unforgettable Wedding Speech

December 4, 2020

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Weddings are truly something special. They’re a celebration of love and friendship between two people who decided to spend the rest of their lives together. When you’re a guest at the wedding, all you get to do is relax, have fun, and honor your friends. But, when you have a special task for the wedding, you might need a bit more planning.

Giving a speech at the wedding carries some responsibility. You’ll be speaking in front of all the guests and the bride and groom will expect you to nail it. But, if you’re not sure how to write a great wedding speech, you might start feeling anxious about it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the science behind writing an unforgettable wedding speech broken down to the smallest ingredients. Let’s take a look.

  1. Select a Theme

Your speech needs to be a meaningful and coherent whole. That means that from start t the end it has to have a theme that you’re pointing out.

A theme is like a sliver string that goes through your speech, connecting your ideas and bringing them all together.

For example, if the bride and groom met accidentally, on a bus, the theme of unexpected life turning points could be your theme. You could also go for:

  • building a life together
  • being there through thick and thin
  • making things possible even when they seem impossible

Choose your theme and stay consistent.

  1. Honor Both of The Newlyweds 

A wedding speech needs to be honoring both the bride and the groom. Even if you’re closer to one of the two, you still have to mention both of them.

To make this work, all you have to do is be honest. Speak about:

  • how they complement each other
  • how they made each other a better person
  • why they’re such a great team

“Make sure they’re both the stars of the speech and not just the person you’re closer to. Show your love and respect for both your friends and point out how happy you are that they’re together” says Helene Cue, the writer from Trust My Paper.

  1. Honor Love

Every wedding speech needs to celebrate love. Love is the reason you’re all sitting there and it’s the reason why the two people you’re talking about are so happy together.

To honor love, you should share a brief insight into the love that the bride and the groom share for each other:

  • tell a moving story involving the two of them
  • talk about their gestures for one another that blew you away
  • describe their love in three simple words

Make sure that people in the room are moved, and touched by your words. Give them a reason to tear up and be happy for the lovely couple at the same time.

  1. Anecdotes & Jokes

Making your speech personal and couple-related is one of your most important tasks. Anecdotes and jokes can make the speech more memorable and keep the attention of the guests.

So, think about a couple of things you could bring out during your speech. Make sure the anecdotes and jokes are:

  • appropriate
  • entertaining
  • in line with the main topic
  • attention-grabbing

These will help you get the attention of the people gathered at this beautiful event. It will also make sure everyone remembers your speech for years to come. 

  1. Watch Your Style

Depending on the type of wedding, you want the style of the speech to be in accordance.

If the wedding is a formal event your speech should be the same:

  • not too much slang
  • no dirty jokes
  • a toned-down version

On the other hand, if the wedding is a party where people are mostly drinking, dancing, shouting, and doing crazy stuff, your speech can be way more relaxed.

In case you need help polishing your speech, check out Studicus or Supreme Dissertations for additional editing.

Also, prepare little cue cards to help you stay on track and deliver.

Final Thoughts

Giving a wedding speech is an honor and a task you shouldn’t take for granted. It’s important that you prepare, practice, and deliver it effortlessly. The most important thing is that you write it to be unforgettable.

The advice above will help you nail the wedding speech you were asked to give. Use them and start writing the first draft of the speech today.


Dorian Marin is a creative writer whose passion for the written word defined his professional life. He works as a writer for Wow Grade and as an editor for Best Essay Education. He also runs a personal blog Not Business As Usual. He covers a wide variety of topics, from nurturing your creativity to running a successful business. He also loves to do amateur photography to supplement his blog posts.

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