Mon Amie’s Guide to Proposing

December 11, 2020

Couples Advice


Getting down on one knee can be one of the most nerve wracking moments of your life. Willthey say yes? Did you remember the engagement ring? To make sure you don’t forget any major steps and to help take some of the pressures off, go to our guide below. Everything youneed to know is included here, along with a few extra tips!

Picking out an Engagement Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so make sure you pick the right one. When looking for a diamond, cut and color are the most important. The cut directly contributes to the sparkle and no matter what ring you choose, it should sparkle! Color refers to how colorless the stone is; a yellowish diamond is lower quality than a colorless diamond. When choosing the setting consider your fiance-to-be’s personal preference. If they have a classic fashion sense, then gofor an engagement ring with a classic look. If they love to be unique, then consider a pavé setting with gemstones. Here is a little guide to different engagement ring styles for someinspiration!

Ask for Permission

Before starting this next stage in your relationship, it may be wise to reach out to your partner’s family and get their blessing. Even if you’re not a traditionalist, talking to their parents (both mom and dad, of course) before getting married is a great way to show how committed you are and starting a meaningful relationship with your new family. Be serious and honest with them and let them know how you feel about your significant other.

Practice Your Speech

The moment you propose can be overwhelming and intense so it’s a great idea to practice what you want to say beforehand. There are a lot of crazy ideas for proposals, but keeping it simple and sincere is the best way to go. Get nostalgic, tell the story how you first met and your first impression of your partner. If you’ve been through a great deal together then tell them about what it means to you to have their support. Practice the speech a couple times before so you don’t forget in the moment!

Find the Right Location

Location is key! Different locations have different impressions so you want the location to match your proposal theme. If you’re looking to do a dramatic, romantic proposal then try to find somewhere classically stunning. The best way to find a great location is to tailor it to your partner, like where you first met. If you’re still unsure, then search for places in your local area online.

Make it an Experience

Some of the most memorable proposals happen during adventures. If you’re planning this in advance, then consider popping the question while on vacation. Beach, mountains, or even New York City are visually beautiful (for photos) and unforgettable locations for a proposal. The engagement ring will always remind your partner of your experiences on vacation and that moment where you got down on one knee.

Invite the Family

If your fiance-to-be is very close with their family then inviting their family to be a part of the proposal is the right move. Go out to dinner as a family and put the ring on top of their dessert. Another cute idea is to make shirts that spell out “will you marry me?” and have the family get together for a picture. Ask your significant other to take the picture and she’ll be so surprised! The key to this idea is practicing where everyone needs to be, but the proposal will be worth it.

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