The Most Important Things You Need to Consider While Preparing for an Outdoor Wedding

December 12, 2020

Couples Advice

Undoubtedly, outdoor wedding is a very romantic way to tie knots. There are many cool locations where you can have your wedding ceremony being surrounded by beautiful nature. It can be seashore, winery, backyard or a location among mountains. Everything depends on your dreams and requirements. 

No matter what location you select, you need to keep in mind many details to hold your nuptials at the highest level. Let’s see what you must consider first of all. 

Wedding Dress

As a rule, brides opt for more casual variants of wedding dresses and refrain from using too voluminous and luxurious dresses. However, it depends on the location. Clearly, beach wedding demands a lightweight dress with no excessive embellishments. At the same time, if you plan a posh wedding in the garden, you are free to wear something more traditional like a ball gown with sparkling details. 


Stilettos and kitten heels aren’t the best option if you have an outdoor wedding and may exchange vows standing on the grass or sand. Give preference to more convenient shoes. It can be wedges or flats as well as shoes with thick heels.  

Bridal Hairstyle

Some weather surprises are possible when you are getting married outdoors. That’s why your hair must be done in such a way that neither wind nor humidity spoils your bridal look. Consult your hairstylist and find the most appropriate hairstyle which looks great in combination with your bridal attire, suits your personal taste and is able to withstand bad weather. By the way, you can find some cool ideas of wedding hairstyles here.   

Wedding Décor

The main plus of getting married outdoors is that the beauty is around you. No matter if you have the ceremony on the beach, in the winery or in the garden, you will definitely be surrounded by beautiful natural background. So, minimal décor is required. Think about cute decorations for your wedding arch and add more flowers if you need. Also, a cute idea is to adorn trees with strings of lights or lanterns. 

Dress Code for Wedding Guests

Don’t forget to inform your guests about the location peculiarities. Thus, if you have a ceremony on the beach, ask them to wear comfortable shoes. As to the dress code, outdoor weddings don’t have a strict dress code and usually, cocktail dresses and casual suits are worn. However, if you want to have a thematic party or the one in a certain color scheme, tell about that beforehand. 


We hope that you will have a great weather on your special day. However, you need to be prepared for plan B. Thus, make sure that owners of the location you rent have tents or any other shelter to hide from harsh sunlight, strong wind or pouring rain. If you plan a wedding in your backyard, prepare the tents beforehand.  


Outdoor weddings are very romantic and many of us want to tie knots in some unique places. However, don’t put romance above comfort. So, it’s extremely important that you and all your guests have an access to facilities. If you see that the location isn’t lit enough, acquire a generator. The availability of toilets is also critical. Moreover, think about protection from mosquitos and bugs.   


In addition to traditional wedding menu, we recommend adding more water and some other drinks for rehydration. It’s especially important if you having nuptials in summer or have a beach ceremony.  

Clearly, this list can be expanded depending on where and when you plan to get hitched. However, these things are universal for any location and season. So, pay attention to all the stated above points.   

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