7 Wedding Trends in 2021

January 30, 2021


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the year 2020 was marked by many disruptions on wedding plans for the couples, vendors, designers, and event planners. 

Many were left in a dilemma on what to do in terms of setting the wedding dates, shopping for the best wedding gown, planning for a wedding venue, and entertainment. 2021 may be marked by changes in trends because people have to make significant adjustments to all their wedding plans. Here are seven top trends to expect in 2021.

Beach weddings

Due to the social distancing rules set in many states, people are prompted to engage in outdoor activities. When weddings pick in 2021, many people may opt to go for beach weddings to observe the safety guidelines. Expect the adoption of ball wedding gowns as couples walk down the aisles amid waves crashing in during the ceremony.

A lifestyle writer for a fashion magazine and assignment help writer says that there are likely to be different styles depending on people’s tastes and preferences. You may see some easy-going ceremonies followed by a well-organized dinner setting at the shore. Some people may make the wedding casual with evening cocktails being held right there.

Large tents

Tents are a popular reception setting because many people are opting for outdoor activities. Expect to see weddings under elaborate tents with lush florals, strands of twinkle lights, and lounge areas. Many couples are likely to conduct the entire ceremony within the tent as long as they can ensure social distancing.

Large tents may help event planners to be innovative in terms of general design and structure and decoration. This may allow couples to bring their desired style based on the theme. 

Innovative cocktails

Many may want to keep their guests feeling protected and refreshed with great signature cocktailsExpect to see many weddings with signature cocktails that settle the wedding tone and style. Many planners may focus on allowing guests to enjoy the cocktails without closely interacting with each other.

Janet Bradford, who works for a wedding blog and essay papers site, says that instead of having a single share buffet at each table, couples may opt to have an innovative setting to ensure social distancing. The sitting arrangement may also be innovative to allow guests to pick drinks and settle at a distance. Instead of using the traditional approach, you may allow your favorite quarantine cocktail to inspire the signature drinks.

Wedding on weekdays

Expect to see many couples reschedule their weddings to weekdays. Many wedding service planners may add incentives that can accommodate a small number of guests. Many people may want to secure their dream venues and save costs by having their weddings on a weekday

Additionally, many wedding vendors, such as floral designers and photographers, may be available on weekdays. Due to the limited number of guests, couples can choose a fun theme and enjoy more intimate affairs.

Focus on entertainment

There are endless podcasts, Netflix binges, and a lot of time spent on Instagram. This may create an avenue of entertaining guests who may be ready for an all-out barred party. After spending so much time at home working out and dancing in pajamas, people will be more willing to get up and dance till the sun rises. 

In 2021, dance floors may be limited for safety and health purposes, but people may be innovative in how they handle the small number of guests. Entertainment with music and dance is what makes a wedding celebration enjoyable and memorable. 

The couple will develop unique ways to delight and surprise their guests by engaging DJs in song remix large bands and other performers.

Focus on quality and not quantity

Expect to see many people focusing on the guest count and quality of food, and wedding design and décor aspects. Guests may be skeptical about attending large weddings and as such, couples are likely to invite few guests that matter. 

With a smaller guest count, the couples may have more elaborate options for food and beverages. You can also engage in party time chat with your guests, something that is not common in large weddings. You can wind and dine with guests or have an over-the-top elopement with your partner.

 Technicolor design

The blush weddings with basic color palettes may soon fade away. Expect 2021 to bring about new palettes, fresh colors, print mixing, and colors of statements that have not been experienced before. Many people may think of super bold and vibrant color with a fantastic décor to spice up the wedding party.

The idea is to allow the entertainment ethos to feel like home and, at the same time, create something different. Bold colors can create an environment to allow you and your guests to enjoy the whole ceremony. Place your favorite colors in unexpected places and focus on stylistic woe factors such as the unique displays of candle lights.


The 2021 wedding trends are a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that has made people change their priorities. Whereas the pandemic has had negative implications, the new trends have been quite innovative. It is interesting to see how people make weddings unique and enjoy the benefits of getting customized services and cutting costs. People may not go back to the traditional and monotonous ways of doing weddings. 

Author Bio:

 John Peterson is a journalist with a rich experience of four years working in London magazine “Shop&Buy” and managing lifestyle articles and editorials. He enjoys playing mini-tennis and has written the famous novel “His heart.” You can find him on FB.

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