How To Plan a Picture-Perfect​ Proposal

February 11, 2021

Wedding Tips

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then capturing your proposal is like telling your love story. The best part is, you’re in control of the narrative and it can be an amazing way to tell your loved one just how much they mean to you. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to plan a picture perfect proposal your partner will never forget!


Location, location, location! This is not only a guiding pillar for real estate, it’s a big consideration for planning the best proposal you can. Wherever you pop the question will be serving as the backdrop to this momentous occasion so try to keep its aesthetic in mind. Does it have good lighting? Or better yet, does it have romantic lighting? Another aspect that brings value to the place you choose is whether or not you’ve shared memories there before. For you and those that know you, seeing you propose in a place where you had your first date or where you met is a really special juxtaposition of how far you’ve come together.


Getting your perfect picture depends on what look you’re going for. Are you trying to make the photoshoot really representative of who you are as a couple in your day to day? Or are you hoping for a shoot that has a more whimsical, romantic appearance given the occasion? Either way, you’ll need to plan on outfits that play into your idea. Then figure out how to get her to dress accordingly that works best with your proposal plan. 

If you’re looking for whimsy, think of buying your soon-to-be fiance a dress for the photoshoot. Styles by the likes of Free People would be perfectly fitting for achieving this desired photo theme. With your impending nuptials, you might be thinking of ways to save for the wedding and are wary about spending that kind of money on a dress. Consider trying an online consignment store to save on Free People dresses.  Whether you play it off as a spontaneous romantic gift or she thinks it’s just for a photo session you’ve arranged (that is a cover for the proposal) her dress is a great way to drive home that aesthetic. 

Maybe you just want to capture you and your bride to be in a more natural setting, and you think dressing up doesn’t fit your couple-style. This can also be a nice way to keep her off her suspicious toes, and ensure the moment is a surprise. 

Plan Planning a proposal usually involves a bit of temporary secret-keeping. But to get that special moment on camera it might take a bit more work. If you want your proposal to be picture perfect, having a photographer at the ready is essential. Nothing is as precious as the look on her face when she realizes you’re starting life together. Use the different features of wherever you’ve chosen to pop the question to your advantage. If you’re out in public, the photographer could be posed as a tourist in a group getting a guided tour. Whomever is photographing this magical moment will be able to help you coordinate in order for them to properly shoot the proposal. Together you can ensure you capture a glimpse into the story of your romance!

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